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St. Pius V School has a rich history that has spanned over 90 years in the Jacksonville community. This history combines the best of Catholic education from the past with current best practices to provide excellence in education from PK3 to grade 8. St Pius V welcomes all students, regardless of their financial situation or religious preference. Students benefit from the Catholic tradition of strong educational principles and sound Christian values and beliefs.

St. Pius V is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. The curriculum from PK3 through grade 8 is strong and effective for teaching fundamentals and foundations in religion, mathematics, language arts, reading, science and social studies.

October Character Trait
The Character Trait for the month of October is Courtesy. Courtesy means being polite or having good manners. Each of us should...
October Courtesy   
Carley Holden from 6th grade was very courteous to her classmates by cleaning up a mess they made without being asked.

Grant from the Catholic Negro-American Mission Board   
  Catholic Negro-American Mission Board    An important work of the Catholic Negro-American Mission Board...
Sister Rea helping a seventh grader with study skills.

Guidelines For Success   
                 GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS Guideline One: Be...

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