Mission Statement  

The mission of St. Pius V Catholic School, a historically African-American institution,

is to provide a high-quality education in a Christ-centered environment.

Each student is challenged to be a responsible individual

committed to the love and service of God and neighbor.


  About The School  

St. Pius V Catholic School

St. Pius V School has a rich history that has spanned over 90 years in the Jacksonville community. This history combines the best of Catholic education from the past with current best practices to provide excellence in education from PK3 to grade 8. St Pius V welcomes all students, regardless of their financial situation or religious preference. Students benefit from the Catholic tradition of strong educational principles and sound Christian values and beliefs.

St. Pius V is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. The curriculum from PK3 through grade 8 is strong and effective for teaching fundamentals and foundations in religion, mathematics, language arts, reading, science and social studies.


Image for Beliefs

We Believe

  • Each student, a precious child of God, is a valued individual with unique needs and gifts. 
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children and it is the role of the school community to partner with them in this task. 
  • Parents, teachers, staff, administrators, students and community work together to promote faith relationships with Jesus Christ based on the gospel. 
  • The Christian values of social justice and peace are an integral part of our school programs.
  • The Christian principles we teach will enable students to make correct moral judgments, to respect others, and to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens in today’s global community.
  • A school-wide approach to responsibility and discipline is our way to achieve a safe and civil school environment.
  • Our school community is committed to preparing our students to meet the ever-changing demands of society by encouraging them to make learning a priority in their lives.
  • Our teachers are committed to ongoing professional development and spiritual formation in order to provide the best teaching practices for our students.
  • Building on a foundation of faith, our students will develop respect for all people, their faith, and their cultural traditions.
  • We are called to continue to serve the African-American community without discrimination toward others.